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NEXX Indigenous Services (powered by NEXX Plumbing) are fully licensed and certified backflow prevention device testers. Working 24/7 across Sydney, We install, maintain and test backflow devices for real estates and other commercial clients every day.

Any connection to Sydney Water’s pipes, including fire services, need to be protected by installing backflow prevention devices. Backflow devices are fitted at the boundary of your property or commercial premises to prevent contaminated water flowing into the public water supply. Backflow may happen when the water from your property flows backwards into Sydney Water pipes. For instance, where there is a pressure difference in a water supply, water may travel back into the mains. This can result in contaminated water being drawn back into the domestic water supply causing people to become ill from drinking the unclean water.

Backflow prevention devices are important as they protect water quality and must be installed to stop contaminated water flowing into the public water supply. Backflow devices will generally use one of three elements to stop the backflow of polluted water:

  • A valve that only permits water to go in one direction

  • An air gap

  • A break tank

According to Sydney Water regulations, backflow prevention devices must be tested annually and when first installed.

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